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"Earth Pod One" - Batesville, VA. - Interior Waterfall
"Earth Pod One" - Batesville, VA. - Aquatic Bio-filter
Earth Pod One
Earth Pod One
"Earth Pod One"

Interior Ecosystems provide a healthful way to integrate the beneficial effects of the outdoor environment into the inside living space. In this case a natural spring was directed by gravity feed to a new "Fountainhead" located on the Upper Floor. This water was then channelled through an exposed rivulet in the floor, to a 12 ft high waterfall. This cascades into an ornamental collection pool, with it's own bio-filter, to support aquatic plants and fish, with no need for chemical treatment. Two and a half stories about the pool is a bank of operable ventilating skylights, providing natural daylighting and a "Stack Effect" passive cooling system. The interior waterfall can be regulated with a simple valve, providing additional interior humidity when needed in the winter, and evaporative cooling in the summer. Such a system also provides opportunities for indoor air quality purification with plants, plus hydroponics, and aquaculture.

This is a notable example of a regenerative "Living Structure", which is not only "Organic" in form and style, but is also literally organic and alive as well. The most beneficial way of directing natural forces, is through the use of organic living systems, working with and channeling the forces, rather than trying to dominate and overpower them. Less work is required to build, little maintenance is necessary, and longevity is achieved with the creation of a self-regulating system... a living system. In this way the designer / builder treats architecture as an organism that he brings to life, and then, by its own mechanisms of self-renewal, allows to sustain itself.

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