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Environmental Design - Passive & Active Solar
Oesch Residence - Machias, ME.
Davis Residence - North Garden, VA.
Oesch & Davis Residences

Oesch Residence is the former home of Fred Oesch. It features an extensive wrap around greenhouse, for providing supplemental heat, and extending the interior growing season in northern Maine. With no active systems, the sun's radiant energy simply shines through the insulated glass, where it is trapped and absorbed into the thermal mass of the building's foundation. This stored warmth is then introduced into the house simply by opening interior windows.

Davis Residence is completely off the grid. The detached south facing Photovoltaic [ PV ] Solar Shed supplies all the electrical needs for the Residence. The solar array consists of 15 150 watt solar modules, providing a total of 2,250 watts of power. The energy system consists of a battery bank of 16 batteries located in a Lower Floor battery room in the Residence. A 3.6 kW inverter converts the 48 volt DC battery voltage to 120 / 240 AC. A 12 kW propane fueled generator serves as back-up during extended periods of cloudy weather.

As the batteries near the end of their cycle, the system automatically starts the generator to recharge the batteries as fast as possible.

Many design elements were included to minimize the electrical loads, including compact fluorescent lighting, high efficiency appliances, and a high efficiency well pump with a large expansion tank to minimize well pump operating time. The hydronic radiant floor heating system circulates hot water from a compact propane fired boiler and requires only a small amount of electrical power to operate the motorized zone valves and small circulating pump.

This alternative energy power system is monitored from a digital display located in the Kitchen, which also provides daily summaries of solar array output and generator operation. This system also includes a data communication port for connection to an external computer.

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