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Sykes Residence - "The Butterfly House" - Dixie, VA.
Sykes Residence - "The Butterfly House" - Dixie, VA.
Sykes Residence "The Butterfly House"

Sykes Residence is affectionately named "The Butterfly House", due to its unique central valley roof geometry. Most of the rain that falls upon the roof is funneled to cascade into an ornamental pool, providing optimal conditions for effective Rainwater Harvesting.

Rainwater Harvesting can be an invaluable means to supplement or provide all domestic water needs.

Greywater Recycling is an effective means to extend the useful life of a water supply. Greywater from Kitchen and Bath sinks, tubs and showers, and lanudry water can be filtered and recycled to toilet supplies and used for indoor and outdoor irrigation. Further, this greywater can also be channelled into a contructed wetlands, which helps to replentish underground aquafers. Some greywater can also be used for hydronic gardening.

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