~ EcoVillage Charlottesville ~

Fred Oesch & Chris Fuller

EcoVillage Charlottesville”

Charlottesville, Virginia

2016 – Current

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Our Vision and Values: We are developing a residential community with two aims – to foster relationships among neighbors and to minimize our impact on the environment. We are using design and development methods that emphasize functionality, sustainability, and beauty. We are diverse in age and background but united in our desire for a richer, greener way of life. Our homes will work towards net-zero energy usage and zero waste. Through careful layout on the site, homes will offer not only a balance of individual privacy but also connection to shared community space. Co-housing at EcoVillage Charlottesville will thrive as homeowners work together to organize the governance and make decisions. We look forward to living in this new resilient and collaborative neighborhood minutes from downtown Charlottesville.