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Public Park – Master Plan

Public Park – Trail System


Van Clief Nature Area

The conceptual development plan for the Scottsville, VA. Van Clief Nature Area (VCNA) consists of hiking trails, picnic areas, an ADA-compliant fishing pier, seasonal canoe and kayak access and restrooms. The proposed trail project is a component of a larger network of trails located within the James River Heritage Trail Corridor and the Middle James Green-way System. The VCNA trail system is planned to provide direct pedestrian, non-vehicular access from the Scottsville Downtown Business District to the park. In addition to offering daily recreational opportunities for park visitors, developing the VCNA is a key preliminary step in creating a walkable community for the Town of Scottsville. It is envisioned to link existing and planned residential neighborhoods to the Downtown Historic District and the James River Waterfront, while providing invaluable recreational and educational opportunities for the community.


EcoVillage – Master Plan

EcoVillage – Trail System


The Quarries EcoVillage

Located in Schuyler, VA, is a model example of sustainable ecological Master Planning and residential development. The surrounding area was made popular by Earl Hamner in his writings and television show “The Waltons”.

The 500 acre site is mostly wooded, with varied topography, and features some dramatic long views in the winter. Whereas the site was once industrial wasteland, strewn with piles of scrap stone throughout, Master Planning was a formidable challenge. This involved a series of Site Plan objective overlays, inc. south facing home sites, optimum road access, septic drain field locations, and a pedestrian Trail System, connecting every home site to the Common Land Quarry. Ecological Covenants and Building Materials Guidelines insure that homes meet energy efficient standards and are sited to show respect for the land, and reflect the individual character of each home site.

Residential – Land Planning

Residential – Land Planning


Keech-Ross Residence

Located in South Boston, VA. When purchased in 2007, the property was an abandoned, rural 58 acre Parcel of unmanaged mixed fields and woods, bisected by an unsightly electric transmission line. The new home building site was carefully selected, providing optimum solar access and view potential, while minimizing the number of trees required to be cleared for construction.

The building site also provided the opportunity to construct a proximate irrigation farm pond, to be partially supplied by a rainwater harvesting system on the house. The acreage is in the process of being selectively cleared of diseased Pines, to nurture the regeneration of a healthy hardwood forest, and reclaiming of open pastures for productive hay fields, livestock, and natural habitat for wildlife.

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