~ Twisted Trees ~

Private Owner

“Twisted Trees”

Esmont, Virginia

2019 – 3328 SF


2019 Viridiant Award (Earthcraft) for the Best Single Family Residence.

Integrated Design: From the beginning and throughout construction, this home demonstrates a close collaboration between the Architect, Contractor, and Owners. Healthful materials and finishes standards, autonomy and energy efficiency, and environmental impact and sustainability were primary goals and stressed throughout. Careful attention was paid to finishes which will require minimal long term maintenance such as the galvalume metal roof (which also provides for rainwater harvesting) and fiber cement siding for longevity.

Resiliency: Respect for climate change and mitigating its impact were primary considerations in the design and selection of materials and systems. The home is sited high on a south facing slope as protection from high water or flood and to optimize both passive and active solar opportunity. With remarkably tight construction and super insulation the interior is buffered from both outdoor heat and cold extremes. The metal roof and fiber cement siding are fireproof and resistant to the impact of high winds. And these materials are specified for minimal maintenance and longevity. Further, the attached Greenhouse and Upper Roof Terrace is landscaped and suitable for a vegetable garden with abundant sunshine, easy to water, and with no need for fencing to keep deer at bay. All this being a notable case study for Regenerative Design.

Innovation: This home exemplifies Biophilic Design principles to facilitate symbiotic living in harmony with Nature. This incorporates careful attention to natural day lighting, indoor air quality, rainwater catchment and wastewater reclamation, garden food production with vegetated roofs, the home hearth and fire, and connected interaction with the weather and the surrounding natural ecosystems.